Kwara State College of Arabic and Islamic Legal Studies, Ilorin

School of Education

It should also be noted here that programmes in the school of Education are now of three years duration, as against the two years in the past. This is to meet up with NCE equivalent and to further help our graduates get teaching jobs without any problems of deficiency in education. Presently, the school prepares students to be proficient in two teaching subjects as well as relevant pedagogical course in education. Programmes offered in the school are: 1. Diploma in English, History and Education 2. Diploma in Islamic Studies, Hausa and Education 3. Diploma in Islamic Studies, History and Education 4. Diploma in Islamic Studies, Yoruba and Education 5. Diploma in Arabic, History and Education 6. Diploma in Islamic Studies, Engli sh and Education 7. Diploma in Hausa, History and Education 8. Diploma in History, Yoruba and Education 9. Diploma in Arabic, English and Education 10. Diploma in Arabic, Hausa and Education 11. Diploma in Arabic, Islamic Studies AND Education 12. Diploma in Arabic, Yoruba and Education 13. Diploma in English, HAUSA AND Education 14. Diploma in English, Yoruba and Education

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